Conflict Minerals Policy and Management


Kingmax's policy for the conflict mineral

  • Never employ child labor.
  • Maintain a Working condition that fits Labor Standard Act and other applicable laws.
  • Nondiscrimination / Value human rights.
  • Pay attention to environmental protection issue and occupational safety & health.
  • Comply with the Laws and moral code under honest management.


Management of Conflict Minerals

Kingmax established the Conflict Minerals management process that includes the formation of Conflict Minerals management organization, survey of Conflict Minerals usage status, vendor risk management, smelting work risk management as well as improvement survey. It trains its employees and vendors to help them understand the Conflict Minerals regulation. It also collaborates with various stakeholders such as the government, customers and agencies to respond to the regulation

Status of Conflict Minerals Usage

Type Tin Tungsten Gold  Total 
  No. of Smelters   17 5 19 41
Smelter   Indonesia  China  Swizerland   -
Locations     Malaysia

For SD/Micro SD card Survey of 4 or so vendors of LG Display indicates that they use the conflict minerals from 41 smelters. Kingmax intends to encourage the vendors to source the minerals through the Conflict-Free Smelter
Program (CFSP) so that the conflict minerals from the conflict region
would not be included in Kingmax Digital’s supply chain. 

                                                                                    ---Survey of Smelters Using Conflict Minerals (2014)

Future Plan

Kingmax will do its best to continue cooperating with customers, vendors, government and associations to cope with the conflict minerals. Moreover, it will actively encourage the uncertified smelters to participate in CFSP and expand the education and survey to sub and sub-sub vendors to increase the awareness of vendors on conflict minerals and continue support and improvement activities so that they will voluntarily support it.