Warranty Policy

KINGMAX warrants to the original end-user customer that its products are free from defects, in material and workmanship, on the terms and conditions set forth herein. Subject to the conditions and limitations set forth below, KINGMAX will, at its own choice, either repair or replace any part of its products that prove defective by reason of improper workmanship or materials. Repaired parts or replacement products will be provided by KINGMAX on an exchange basis, and will be either new or refurbished. All refurbished products have been tested to ensure that they are functionally equivalent to new products.

KINGMAX may refuse to provide inspection, repair or replacement service for products that are out of this warranty service, and will charge fees if this warranty service is exceptionally adopted.

Warranty Limitation

KINGMAX warrants to the original end-user customers only. On the contrary, this warranty does not apply to the products that have been sold second-hand or products not imported or sold through authorized KINGMAX dealers or distributors.

This warranty service shall not apply to transferees of KINGMAX products and/or anyone who stands to profit from this warranty service without KINGMAX’s prior written authorization.

This warranty, also, does not apply to any product on which the original identification information has been altered, obliterated or removed, or that has not been handled or packed correctly. If the product has been determined as counterfeited, this warranty is not applicable.

(1)   During the warranty period, should your KINGMAX product(s) fail, under normal use, in the recommended environment due to improper workmanship or materials, KINGMAX is bound to provide warranty service.

(2)   This limited warranty does not cover any damage to the product(s) that results from improper installation, accident, abuse, misuse, natural disaster, insufficient or excessive electrical supply, abnormal mechanical or environmental conditions, or any unauthorized disassembly, repair or modification.
Including but not limited to the circumstances below:

  1. KINGMAX product failure caused by any force, major event, accident, abuse, mishandling or improper usage.
  2. Any unauthorized disassembly, repair or modification.
  3. The original warranty information sticker has been altered, obliterated or removed.
  4. The serial number of the product is damaged, altered, unclear, torn, dirty or can’t been identified
  5. The product was purchased NOT through KINGMAX authorized dealers or distributors
  6. Improper storage or environment: abnormal mechanical or environmental conditions (including prolonged exposure to humidity or extreme temperatures) can cause products to become eroded or rusted.
  7. Inappropriate shipping methods or other reasons for foreseeable loss or damage.

(3)   Within the warranty service period, if the product is unable to function due to a human cause (e.g. damage of the product’s external appearance), the service fee must be borne by the user.
The items below are included but not limited to:

  1. Scratch(es) or crack(s) appearing in the printed circuit board
  2. Pin scratch(es) or burns
  3. Oxidized or damped pins
  4. IC chip damage or fall off. (1-2 chips)
  5. Severe IC chip damage or fall off (more than 3 chips): repair service not covered
  6. Broken PCB board: repair service not covered
  7. EEPROM chip removal: repair service not covered
  8. Revising memory module parameters without authorization of KINGMAX, or other severe damages that affect functionality: repair service not covered.
Warranty Period
The warranty period shall start from the original end-user’s purchasing date. KINGMAX guarantees the error-free quality of the materials and design of all KINGMAX products. KINGMAX will provide repair or replacement for part or all of any products covered under this warranty in the event of any workmanship defects in materials or design, exhibited under normal use conditions. Proof of purchase must be provided, showing the original date and place of purchase, as well as the product’s description and price. If the customer fails to provide proof of the original purchase date, the Warranty period of the KINGMAX product in question shall be determined pursuant to the product’s serial number.

1. Memory:
KINGMAX promises that, under normal operation, KINGMAX memory products (required: KINGMAX logo/KINGMAX label) have a warranty for five years, since October 10, 2012. 
*Memory products purchased before October 10, 2012 shall have limited product life-time warranty.

2. Memory Card:
KINGMAX promises that, under normal operation, KINGMAX shall provide warranty service starting on June 1, 2018
(1) Memory Card (SD card, microSD): One-Year Warranty
(2) High Speed Card (Extreme/Extreme PRO): 5-Year Warranty
(3) CF Card: 5-Year Warranty (product phased out since 2013/06/30)

*If the purchase occurred before October 10, 2012, KINGMAX provides limited product life-time warranty.
*If the purchase occurred between October 10, 2012 and May 31, 2018, KINGMAX provides a 5-year warranty. 

3. USB:
KINGMAX promises that, under normal operation, KINGMAX shall provide warranty service, since October 10, 2012.
(1) PIP™ USB: 5-year warranty 
If purchased before October 10, 2012, only limited product life-time warranty is provided
(2) SMT USB: 5-year warranty
If purchased before October 10, 2012, only a 5-year warranty is provided
(3) OTG USG: 5-year warranty
(4) PI-01/PI-03 USB: 2-year warranty (This product has been phased out since Jan.31, 2016.)

4. Solid State Drive (SSD):
KINGMAX promises that, under normal operation, KINGMAX shall provide a 3-year warranty (Including: 2.5”SATA/mSATA/Half-Slim/M.2 SSD/Portable SSD) . *The warranty of SSD is based on the TBW or warranty period.

*Note 1: Please note that KINGMAX SSD lifespan warranty is guaranteed by considering normal daily workloads. If users exploit KINGMAX SSD products for digital cryptocurrency mining, plotting or other similar purposes and any abnormality happens on SSD because of uncommitted Terabytes Written (TBW), KINGMAX has the right to refuse to offer relevant quality assurance services. 

5. External Hard Drive:
KINGMAX promises that, under normal operation, KINGMAX shall provide a 3-year warranty. (This product has been phased out since 2012.)

6. Card Reader:
KINGMAX promises that, under normal operation, KINGMAX shall provide a warranty service period as following:
(1) i-Key: 1-year warranty
(2) Card Reader: 2-year warranty (this product has been phased out since 2014)

7. Health Mobile Device:
KINGMAX promises that, under normal operation, KINGMAX shall provide a 1-year warranty.

Limited Warranty 

1.  In the event that production of the specific product has been discontinued or factory repair service is no longer provided, KINGMAX will, at its sole discretion, offer a substitute, in equivalent level or class, for such product instead. For example, if the product was manufactured before Oct.10th, 2012, the product has a limited life-time warranty; if, under normal operation, the product is defective, this warranty service shall be applied until the product’s life cycle is finished.

* Product EOL: Product End of Life means the period from the date the product was manufactured to the date the production was discontinued, according to the announcement of KINGMAX online.

2.  When the damaged product is no longer under the warranty period, KINGMAX has the right to refuse to repair or replace the product. If, eventually, KINGMAX decides to provide the service, the customer will be charged with certain fee.

3. After inspection, KINGMAX has the right to determine whether to repair or to replace the product with a functionally equivalent replacement. As a result, KINGMAX may, at its own choice, dispose of defective products. In this case, the repaired product you receive may not be the original product you sent for Warranty Service, and the original product will not be returned to you either.


1.   Never does this Warranty apply to the recovery or back-up of any digital data from within the product. KINGMAX does not guarantee the completeness of digital data stored in the product during and after warranty service, and is not liable for any damages or losses of digital data stored in repaired products. Furthermore, KINGMAX shall, in no event, be liable for any damages to the product and/or any losses of digital data stored in the product during its delivery. Consequently, before sending the product to KINGMAX for warranty service, if it is equipped with a storage function, it is suggested that you make a back-up of your own digital data from the product and remove it yourself therefrom.

2.   To the extent that applicable laws or regulations allow, KINGMAX shall not be liable under any event, nor under this warranty, for any losses or profits, anticipated savings, digital data, indirect, incidental or consequential losses or damages caused by its products.

3.   KINGMAX products are not designed with extreme precision technology or for an absolutely safety use. It is not recommended to ensemble the products onto life support machines or other emergency equipment, which may lead to personal injury or death if such equipment is defective or suffers a breakdown. Including but not limited to medical or medical-related equipment, military or military-related equipment, aircrafts, traffic control equipment, disaster prevention systems, combustion control systems, nuclear energy systems, and so forth, KINGMAX shall not be liable for any personal injury or death, or any loss or damages to property arising from such kind of use as mentioned above.

Free Technical Support

If you encounter any problems with the installation or use of any KINGMAX memory product(s), you can contact KINGMAX Global Technical Support:


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