1. Turn-key Manufacturing Process: 

KINGMAX is the worlds first manufacturer to have a dedicated factory with advanced memory module packaging and testing
facilities. Thus, KINGMAX is able to minimize its costs and maintain complete control of its products time-to-market, while
remaining a stable source for global market needs.

2. Leadership:
KINGMAXs R&D Team is constantly pushing the limits with breakthrough technologies to create innovative products, leading
a revolution as the creator of Tiny BGA, the worlds most competitive packaging technology. With a highly diverse line of
integrated memory module products and a competitive edge in the new era of high bandwidth DDRII memory, KINGMAX is
making its name around the world as a provider of the finest in memory solutions.

3. The Highest Quality and Compatibility:
Before leaving the factory, all KINGMAX products must pass rigorous testing and quality control. All KINGMAX products are
ISO9001 certified, the most comprehensive of the standards applying to industries involved in the design, development,
manufacturing, installation and servicing of products.

4. KINGMAX Global Branding Marketing Strategies.:
KINGMAX has long since cultivated its name brand in Asia, KINGMAX is now committed to expanding the KINGMAX brand
name into multiple US channels including National Distribution, Retail and On-line Resellers.

5. #1 in Post Sales Support/Warranty:
At KINGMAX we believe customer satisfaction is very important.  All KINGMAX products are backed by their warranty & service. KINGMAX also provides excellent customer technical assistance with any of your KINGMAX Semiconductor or Digital products.