DRAM Products Warranty

KINGMAX guarantees the error-free quality of the materials and design of all KINGMAX series memory products. KINGMAX will provide repair or replacement of part or all of any products covered under this warranty in the event of any workmanship defects in materials or design under normal use conditions. Products repaired or replaced under this warranty will also be covered under the same warranty, and will have the same performance as new products (replacements may be refurbished products or may contain refurbished materials.)The above declaration does not apply to damage caused by accidents, operator error, handling damage or unauthorized opening, repair or modification of KINGMAX products, or to products proven not to have originated in original KINGMAX factories.

Duration of Warranty: 
KINGMAX Corporation promises that under normal operation, KINGMAX memory products (KINGMAX logo/label) are guaranteed for five years of the product since October 10, 2012.

Requirements of Warranty Period Definition: 
Consumers have to give the proof of the original purchase date (such as invoice, shipping list, etc.), and the warranty period will start from the original purchase date. The original life-time warranty products will have more two years warranty while KINGMAX announce End of Life (EOL) notice1 of the product. 

Scope of Warranty:
1. Free Repair Service: Memory products whose performance is impaired due to design flaws or materials issues and whose external appearance is not damaged.

2. Service Charge Repair Service: Repair costs for damage caused by handling (product external appearance damage) must be borne by the user. For example: (including but not limited to) scratches or cracks in the printed circuit board, pin damage (1-2 pins), IC chip damage.

3. Items Not Covered by Repair Warranty: 
‧ Severely damaged products, including but not limited to: completely broken PCB, removal of memory chips, severe burning of pins (2 or more pins) or EEPROM chip removal will be considered unserviceable and will not be eligible for repair.
‧ Torn trademark labels, resulting in inability to identify products as certified KINGMAX products will not be eligible for repair.
‧ Products determined by repair department not to be official KINGMAX products (imitation products) will not be eligible for repair.
‧ KINGMAX will not be responsible for purchase from bidding website regarding RMA services.
‧ Revising memory module SPD parameters without authorization of KINGMAXanty policy is only applicable to the hardware; KINGMAX does not warrant against the loss of pre-installed software, data or images and assumes no liability for such loss. Please backup these contents in another device before sending the defective product for repair, as all contents will be erased.

Free Technical Support:
If you encounter any problems with installation or use of any KINGMAX memory products, please get 
access to KINGMAX Global Technical Support on-line page here.

Exchange/Repair Service:
To receive exchange and repair services, please send the defective memory module product along with 
a detailed description of the problem to KINGMAX, or deliver it in person to your nearest retailer. Please note that shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer.

Exemption Clause:
The above KINGMAX memory module warranty supersedes any and all other oral or written guarantees. KINGMAX does not acknowledge any oral, written or implied guarantees other than the above warranty. Additionally, where legally applicable, KINGMAX will not be held liable for any inability to use KINGMAX products after purchase, or any damages, expenses or other incidental injury resulting from improper use of KINGMAX products.


1. DRAM EOL Notice