Flash Products Warranty

KINGMAX guarantees that its all-series Flash digital storage products do not have any problem with material or design. If any workmanship defect is proven by KINGMAX to be attributable to a material or design fault of the product when under normal use, the warranty will provide repair services or replacement with equivalent equipment for any part of the product. The repaired or replacing item(s) under the warranty will be treated as they were sold by KINGMAX and have same functions with those in new products (replacements may be a refurbished product or contain furbished materials). The above declaration does not apply to any damage caused by casualties, natural disasters, operating faults, operating environments, human factors, unauthorized disassembly, repair, modification, or any non-original product proven by KINGMAX.

Applicable products: All series of Flash card and USB Flash drive products.

• Peripherals such as adapters, cable, etc. are not covered by the warranty.

Duration of Warranty: 
Flash memory cards and PIPTM USB Drive warranty period change to five years since October 10, 2012 except Japan area.
5-year Warranty: Flash memory cards ( e.g. SD card, microSD, CF card ) , USB Flash Drive, M2 card, MS Pro Duo card.
3-year Warranty: SSD (Solid State Drive) e.g. 2.5”/mSATA/Half-Slim SSD
2-year Warranty: card reader, PI-01/PI-03 USB Flash Drive

Requirements of Warranty Period Definition: 
Consumers have to give the proof of the original purchase date (such as invoice, shipping list, etc.), and the warranty period will start from the original purchase date. The original life-time warranty products will have more two years warranty while KINGMAX announce End of Life (EOL) notice1 of the product. 

Scope of Warranty:
Warranty terms only cover the hardware itself. Software contained in the product including pre-installed contents and contents stored by consumers (video, photos and other data, etc.) is not covered by the warranty. Consumers must make a backup before sending their defective product for repair, or it will be erased once is sent.

Service of Warranty:
1. Free repair service : Flash memory product that has any defect attributable to product design or material problems, provided that there is no exterior damage. Warranty void if label is removed or tampered with. If the product doesn’t be qualified for free warranty service, the service cost will be charged based on KINGMAX rule.

2. Exclusions to Warranty Coverage : 
• This warranty does not cover any damage due to improper use; namely, no repair will be made for a broken or bending memory card/Flash disk, or a completely disassembled case, which is included in the criteria for scrapping.
• Products determined by the service center to be counterfeit (not original products of KINGMAX) will not be eligible for repair.



1. EOL Notice - USB Flash Drive; EOL Notice - SD Cards; EOL Note - Solid State Drive