Nano Gaming RAM DDR3-2200 won “Innovation Award”
from Easycom, Ukraine

 [December, 2012] KINGMAX Nano Gaming RAM DDR3-2200(8GB kit, 4GBx2) won “Innovation Award” after reviewed,Ukraine. 

" The DDR3-2200 KINGMAX NANO Gaming RAM 2x4GB makes a good impression. ” said editor of Easycom, “It uses all advanced technologies of KINGMAX. The absence of heavy heatsinks is noteworthy. Instead of them the manufacturer uses the NANO Thermal Dissipation Technology. It’s not worse than traditional heatsinks, plus it doesn’t make the modules bigger. This is quite vital because many gamers and enthusiasts often face a problem of installation of memory together with CPU supercoolers. The DDR3-2200 KINGMAX NANO Gaming RAM 2X4GB also has good overclocking results- 2400MHz at11-11-11-32.”

The review result was published at Nov.22, 2012 on It is pleasure to gain recognition fromUkrainemedia.


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