KINGMAX to reveal newest industrial products at COMPUTEX

Asia’s largest annual ICT (Information and Communications Technology) exhibition – COMPUTEX 2014 will be held between 6/3~6/7.

Last year,Taiwan’s leading memory manufacturer, KINGMAX, displayed industrial products on the exhibition and showed the stunning maturity of KINGMAX on storage technology. Products ranged for commercial needs to industrial needs, and it was not hard to see the ambition that KINGMAX has for the market from its complete product lines. It could also be clearly seen from the earnings of 2013 Q4 that KINGMAX has started to conquer and is gradually seeing results in the IPC field.

KINGMAX released new product series for the rigorous industrial usage environment, such as eMMC, eMCP, NAND MCP, etc. that all saw high inquiries during the second half of 2013. They had stunning overall reviews from product performance, materials used for flash, packaging technology, wide temperature condition usages and even the price! Nowadays, end-consumers always like to use various interesting ways to test new products, so these industrial control products might become essential components for consumable high-end products in the future. No wonder many manufacturers have announced that they will be joining the industrial control product field this year. KINGMAX has long made preparations and seized early opportunities in this field. KINGMAX really had great vision.

According to reports, KINGMAX will also use industrial storage products as the highlight of its exhibition at COMPUTEX this year, and the newest products will make their debuts at the exhibition! Though the new products are still kept secret from the public, it was revealed that the products are application products used for mobile communication. It makes people wonder what kind of innovative breakthrough does KINGMAX have on this technology, or are they going to release new products with higher C/P values? KINGMAX mystically stated: “We welcome everybody to participate and come find out at COMPUTEX from 6/3~6/7.” (KINGMAX booth number: K0325a)

2014 Computex