KINGMAX Wide-temperature SSD Targets Industrial Applications

Technology is advanced in all aspects; SSD is rapidly replacing traditional hard disks whether on personal computers or business applications. The growth in demand of SSD for industrial application is obviously.

Industrial SSDKINGMAX has manufactured memory products for many years, and has successfully partnered with car PC, smartphone, and POS industry, providing customers with the best storage solutions. Not only focus on high standard transmission rate, but also take seriously on data storage safety for customers! At the manufacturing site is not as comfortable as in the office. Everybody knows how important the performance and reliability is for database systems. The following situations may occur if an SSD was not properly selected according to the usage environment: the sequential write speed and MTBF (mean time between failures) is shorter, the hard disk fails because of over writing, or the hard disk needs to be replaced sooner because RAID can’t provide protection against read errors, etc. The prices paid in these situations are usually far more than the cost saved.

KINGMAX provides high reliability solutions in response to the rigorous manufacturing sites with high/low temperatures, humidity, dust and heavy vibrations, etc. The SSD will be available in wide-temperature applications between -40°C~85°C. The industrial SSDs have passed rigorous certifications including shock-resistance and impact-resistance etc., and are able to bear the frequent vibrations caused by the machineries at the manufacturing site. In addition, KINGMAX industrial SSD mainly uses MLC (Multi-Level Cell) flash memory which has a higher bit error rate, and advanced technologies are also used to enhance lifetime of the SSD so that they can withstand more data-writing; also, MLC flash memory quotes have great advantages, which make them highly practical. It is the ideal high-capacity industrial SSD design component.

The design for the quality and shape of industrial SSDs is extremely flexible, especially for the appearance; however, they still usually come in regular sizes in order to replace outdated hard disks, 2.5 inch hard disks for example. There are also many selections for the industrial SSD interfaces, such as the mSATA, Half-Slim and NGFF interfaces, etc., which are all mature products of KINGMAX. KINGMAX SSD products have targeted industrial applications; not only in the entered market, but also in other industrial markets, including medical equipments, industrial computers, monitoring products and game machines, etc.