KINGMAX: Rapid Growth for DDR4 Memory Modules

With the setting of memory standards for the next-generation DDR4 RAM by the Joint Electron Tube Engineering Council (JEDEC), many companies have taken a wait-and-see approach for the right opportunity. With the launch of Intel's Haswell-E processor platform, which supports DDR4, it is believed that computer products with DDR4 will gradually appear in the market, triggering a rapid increase in a spectacular rise in usage of DDR4 in2015.  


KINGMAX, a leading memory brand, showcased its DDR4 memory module during COMPUTEX Taipei, held in June 2014. After a period of integration, KINGMAX now officially announces its DDR4 application solution has entered mass production. In response to market trends, four types of memory clock speeds have been launched: 1866/2133/2400/3200MHz, with speeds that meet 14.9GB/s to 25.6GB/s requirements, and have exceptionally high transmission efficiencies.

KINGMAX DDR4 is equipped high performance features, such as high clock speed, low voltage and low latency, launching unbuffered DIMM, SO-DIMM, registered DIMM, ECC unbuffered DIMM and VLP registered DIMM in one go. As the DDR4 memory chip is FBGA-packaged, and the memory module's base capacity is 4GB, pushing the capacity specification to 16GB is not a problem. Users who are thinking of upgrading their hardware may consider other related computer products at the same time. Similar to the previous generation's DDR2 and DDR3, DDR4 is not backwards compatible. For users looking to enjoy a single module with high data transmission, low power consumption and higher capacities, KINGMAX DDR4 will be a good starting point to go with hardware. Under strict quality assurance, it will definitely bring you a brand new memory module experience.