Staying at full battery at all times with high conversion efficiency mobile power

Power Bank

According to the statistics of TRI, each household in the world owns 2.8 internet devices on average, with the number of mobile electronic devices steadily increasing. However, as the performance and features of various mobile devices become more powerful, the speed of power consumption has also grown in proportion. To illustrate, while the latest iPhone 6 Plus allows users enjoy a bigger display, the 6 Plus consumes considerably more power compared to iPhone 6. With the myriad of APPs available today, smart devices have no doubt become the best personal assistants that any user could ask for.


The truth is, we use our smart devices on many occasions, such as contacting clients when we are out of office, looking up for information on the internet or even checking the map during our vacations, so much so to the point that we are heavily reliant on our smart devices. For heavy users, seeing the battery of their devices slowly draining away could even lead to feelings of anxiety. Have you ever wandered into a café in the hopes of relaxing in the rich aroma of your favorite coffee blend, only to find yourself nervously asking the staff if you could use the premise’s power outlet just so you could charge your mobile devices? Well, you really can afford to slow down for a bit and discover the subtle beauties that are waiting to be found, if you just spare a little time to look for them.


Here is a quick solution from KINGMAX – the 10000mAh power bank KEBG-005. Results of extensive tests show that the KEBG-005 is capable of charging the iPhone 6 fully 4 times or the iPhone Plus 2.5 times. “Why the distinction?” you may wonder. Well, you guessed it correctly: the KEBG-005 comes with two2.1Aoutput sockets, making it possible for you to charge two devices (such as your smart phone, tablet or even notebook PC) simultaneously. If you charge only one device at a time, the power bank is capable of operating at an impressive power conversion efficiency at 92%!


Designed with PET circuit safety feature to provide multiple protections, the KEBG-005 is capable of automatically detecting the battery’s charge/discharge status and automatically stop charging when it is full to prevent potential hazards of short-circuit or overheating. In addition, KINGMAX has also incorporated eco-friendly measures in each step of KEGB-005’s manufacturing process on top of using premium eco-friendly materials in order to be truly environmental friendly. Featuring a matte finish that has been vastly popular with sporty cars for its casing, the KEBG-005 has a sporty and fashionable look. KINGMAX power bank offer safety; and it is also a statement of personal taste, trendiness and environmental protection.


Compared to similar products at the same class, the 10400mAh Mi Power Bank weighs at 250g and Sony’s 10000mAh CP-VIO weighs at 245g. KINGMAX KEBG-005 is the clear winner in terms of weight at merely 232g. KEBG-005 is a high quality power bank that is safe and reliable; it not only weighs less but also comes at a lower price tag to offer the most bang for your buck amongst the offerings that are currently available out there today.