KINGMAX Launches High-speed and Compact Type C Portable SSD KE35

Professional memory manufacturer KINGMAX SEMICONDUCTOR INC. launched its new high speed portable SSD-KE35, which not only reaches read speed of 1,000 MB/s, but also offers 1000GB large storage capacity and 25g light weight to users who care about transferring data efficiently.  It meets the needs of modern workers for mobile storage or backup when working remotely.  KINGMAX portable SSD KE35 can be easily connected to a PC, notebook, mobile phone, or gaming console without needing to install a driver, offering extensive applications with great convenience.


Blazing Fast Transfer Speeds with USB 3.2 Gen 2 interface

To compare with ordinary HDD, portable SSD is not only lighter and smaller, but also faster, shock-resistant protection and noise-free operation. KINGMAX portable SSD KE35 adopts USB3.2 Gen2 interface with Type-C port, so it has a outstanding high sequential speed reaching maximum 1,000 MB/s (read) and 800 MB/s (write), which is at least 6 times faster than the read/write speed of HDD (approximately 140 MB/s).  

Versatile Applications with Reliable Operation 

With a modern black color and classic look, KINGMAX portable SSD KE35 comes with 250GB\ 500GB\ 1000GB capacity and enables versatile applications that it can be used for desktop PC, laptop, Android mobile phone and even your game consoles including Xbox and PS4/PS5.  Portable SSD KE35 shortens the waiting time when PC users editing and saving files, especially for photographers, videographers or designers who always need to edit, back-up or transfer large files. For game players, it also can be used to expand capacity of gaming console and speed-up transmission time, when storage and download games.  No matter it comes to work or entertainment, the Portable SSD KE35 can make users accessed massive data easily and quickly.

Adopting USB 3.2 Gen 2 interface and Type-C connector, the Portable SSD KE35 enables blistering-fast data transmission rate and allows you transfer large files in seconds. In addition, the KE35 applies the SLC Caching technology to further accelerate transferring speeds and system response time.  Also, the KE35 supports advanced LDPC Error Correction Code technology to prevent R/W errors for guaranteed data integrity and higher protection against data corruption.

KINGMAX Portable SSD KE35 is 100% factory-tested to promise high quality and reliability. It backed by a 3-year warranty for complete after-sale services. Combined with an affordable price trend and superior transmission speed, the KE35 portable SSD becomes the fashionable external storage solution for the performance-oriented users. For more information, please visit KINGMAX official website.