Get Rid of Thick Thermal Armor KINGMAX Introduces Nano Gaming Ram 2200 with Invisible Heat Sink


Once the inner temperature is overly high, the components damage and system crashes might occur in a computer. Thus, with an exceptional thermal performance DRAM module is one of the important factors to ensure a computer system running stably. Realizing the importance of heat dissipation for a DRAM module, KINGMAX applies nano thermal dissipation technology to a DRAM module and introduces DDR3 Nano Gaming Ram 2200 to the market. Benefiting from this technology, users can experience heatsink is no longer necessary for DRAM module; a lightweight and slim DRAM module can also have incredible thermal dissipation performance.

From the appearance, the DDR3 Nano Gaming Ram 2200 DRAM module looks no big difference to a normal one, but the “invisible layer” on it is all that matters. To test the thermal dissipation performance for the DDR3 2200, we conducted an experiment comparing three different memory modules 1) DRAM module equipped with ordinary heatsink; 2) DRAM module equipped with KINGMAX heatsink , and 3) DDR3 Nano Gaming Ram with no heatsink. They were tested by running on overclocking (2200 MHz) test program. The result revealed that the ordinary module caused the system to crash a lot of times due to poor thermal performance. Yet, the other two exhibited excellent performance as their test PCs showed no error messages. (Pic 1). Furthermore, the working temperature measured on KINGMAX heatsink was only 41±1°C (Pic 2) during the overclocking test. Compared to the ordinary DRAM module that reached as high as 45~50°C, the former has a much lower working temperature. What is even more amazing; the working temperature for DDR3 Nano Gaming Ram was only 39±1°C (Pic 3), which is far lower than the average. Thus, it can be seen the thermal radiation mode of nano thermal dissipation technology is far superior to the heatsink which uses a medium to dissipate heat. As indicated in the test report, the nano thermal dissipation technology can effectively improve thermal performance by 9.5%, the DDR3 Nano Gaming Ram 2200 is indeed an excellent and stable product that exhibits high thermal performance during overclocking operations. 


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With great compatibility, stability, and overclocking performance, KINGMAX full-series DRAM modules are favored by computer players. This year, KINGMAX once again takes the innovative approach to apply the latest nano thermal dissipation technology on the products and introduces theDDR3 Nano Gaming Ram 2200 MHz dual channel DRAM modules. Its high-speed transmission bandwidth enables it to reach 17.6 GB/sec and brings overclocking enjoyment to gamers. Without heatsink, it becomes lighter and slimmer, which also enlarges free space within a computer case to improve air circulation and stabilize system operations. On the other hand, by getting rid of heatsink, the product cost can also be reduced. For consumers, the KINGMAX DDR3 Nano Gaming Ram 2200 DRAM module offers a high overclocking frequency, superior thermal performance, and is truly affordable. That being said, it is definitely a great deal that you can not miss!!

Features of KINGMAX DDR3 Nano Gaming Ram 2200:

  • Support Intel P55 Chipset
  •  Adopting Nano Thermal Dissipation Technology
  • ASIC chip embedded for anti-counterfeiting purpose
  • Lead-free production process
  • TinyBGATMtechnology adopted: with advantages as compact size, well heat dissipation and low EM interference
  • 100% product compatibility and stability
  • High data transfer performance for overclocking enthusiasts and hardcore gamers

Specification of KINGMAX DDR3 Nano Gaming Ram 2200:

  •  240-pin DDR3 2200MHz
  • CAS Latency: 10
  • Bandwidth:  17.6GB/sec
  • Voltage: 1.5~1.8v
  • Capacity: 4GB (2GB*2)
  • Worldwide lifetime warranty