KINGMAX “New Era of TB Class SSD” Partners and Media Conference in India


KINGMAX, a world renowned leading brand of DRAM and flash memory held a conference at Delhi and announced to get into the India market through the four major partners Kingstar, Redington, Salora, and Supertron. In the meeting, KINGMAX launched the worldwide first TB-class SSD and leaded SSD products into the new era of TB. Mr. Chang Lawrence, Senior Vice President of KINGMAX, had also talked about the future plans and channel strategies for India market while introducing the latest products and technologies.


▲ KINGMAX and its partners lighted the Inauguration lamp for a collaboration in the India market


 ▲Mr. Lawrence, Senior Vice President of KINGMAX introduced the future plan for India


▲KINGMAX showcased the latest products and technologies



▲The lucky draw winners won the KINGMAX great products


 ▲Dinner and Cocktail