Registered DIMM
240pin DDR3 Registered Dual in-Line Memory Module
Registered DIMMs have a register between the DRAM module and the system’s memory controller, allowing a system to remain stable with more memory modules. The DIMMs are designed for mid-range to high-end severs which require higher performance, scalability and stability. They maximize server performance in virtualized, higher performance, and cloud computing applications. KINGMAX sever DIMMs meet JEDEC standard and are compatible with major server boards - a reliable memory choice for enterprise sever applications. 
  • Compliant with JEDEC standard
  • Available for low voltage design – 1.35V
  • Best product compatibility and reliability
  • Lead-free production 
Product Type 240-pin Registered DIMM (RDIMM)
Form Factor
Memory Type
Frequency 1333MHz 1600MHz
CAS Latency 9 11
Voltage 1.5V +/- 0.075V 1.35V +/- 0.075V
Capacity 4GB/8GB 4GB/8GB
Rank 2 2
Configuration 256M x 8 / 512Mx8 256M x 8 / 512Mx8
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Datasheet KINGMAX内存产品公开声明书 - 20140109 681.5 KB 2014.01.13