Sycret Text

*Text message (SMS) Encryption  *Personal Cloud Data Encryption *Sycret Text consists of two components:

   - Sycret Text card (with an embedded encryption engine and user flash memory) 

   - Sycret Text App (an Android APP downloadable from the Google Play Store)

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  • Text message (SMS) Encryption

        - Android smart phone user allow to exchange encrypted SMS text messages with other Sycret Text users.

        - Apply to business topics for group discussion, confidential project, secret dialogue, etc.

  • Cloud Data Encryption

        Sycret Text users can select and encrypt any photo, video, or file on their phone and store it in the memory of
           the Sycret Text 
card or in Dropbox

  • Sycret Text

        - Every Sycret Text has unique and exclusive key, and all encryption algorithms are certified by NIST, USA

        - When file encrypted by a Sycret Text, the file need the same Sycret Text to unlock and read

        - Supports Windows, Linux and Android devices to protect information security

        - Compatible with most devices that support microSD and SD slot (SD slot needs a adapter)


*The link of Secret Text and Google Drive is in test-process. While it is ready, KINGMAX will release it.

  • „Security
           - All encryption algorithms are certified by NIST, USA
           - Each file is encrypted by different key
           - Every user has unique and exclusive key, upon using Sycret Text
           - The User PIN is a 4-digit to 16-digit numeric passcode for authentication to get access to Sycret Text APP.                        The Sycret Text card will be locked after 10 wrong attempts.
  • „Text (SMS) Encryption
           - SMS sender and recipient both use Sycret Text
  • „File-encryption is available in DropBox
  • „All encrypted data are portable to new phone
  • Cryptographic key storage: in Sycret Text Card (15x11x1mm)
          (Available in smartphone, tablet, and mobile devices)
  • Capacity: 4/ 8/ 16GB
        - 32-bit ARM processor.
        - Hardware security module (HSM) embedded inside the Sycret card.
„        - In-Chip Crypto operations: RSA 2048, 3DES, SHA-256, HMAC, AES-128/256, Diffie-Hellman and Random Number
          Generation. Fully 
in-chip hardware based authentication and encryption/decryption provides the highest security
          for data protection.
„        - Enabled secure channel communication between COS and middleware.
„        - All crypto algorithms are certified by NIST, USA.
„        - Private keys are never exposed.
„        - Security IC is CC EAL 5+ Certified.
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