ZEUS DDR3 Gaming and Overclocking Memory Module with HEATSINK
- Ultra Speed HEATSINK with metal for colorful fashion design, it provides Red, and Blue color to fit your style!
- High-Performance gaming RAM with Overclocking, Low CAS latency and Low voltage design for reliability

Brand-new ZEUS DDR3 Gaming RAM with HEAKSINK series offer a great variety of choice: at speed from 1600MHz, 1866MHz up to 2133MHz, and at capacity 4GB/8GB/16GB up to 32GB. ZEUS DDR3 OC can support single or dual channel memory operations. The product supports the Intel Z170 chipset and also compatible with Intel XMP 2.0, it allows you to increase your computer speed, enhance the performance and reliability of PC. To satisfy OC gamers' unmet needs for requirements for gaming computers.


KINGMAX ZEUS DDR3 OC gaming RAM is compatible with JEDEC DDR3 standard, it adopts advanced technology of CAS latency to optimize the performance of its systems. With plug-and-play installation, easy-to-use function without extra configuration. The advantages of using aluminum alloy for heatsink to obviously dissipate heats faster, the ZEUS DDR3 OC memory passes through rigorous laboratory tests for its best performance, durability and 100% high quality, it provides the most powerful computer gaming hardware for OC gamers to challenge the limits in games.


The ZEUS DDR3 OC memory with metal heatsink for colorful fashion design, it provides Red and Blue colors to fit your individual style beautifully!

  • Tally with JEDEC DDR3 standard
  • Designed for gaming and overclocking enthusiasts to deliver the best performance with higher data rate
  • Supports Intel XMP 2.0 (Extreme Memory Profile)
  • The advantages of using aluminum alloy for heatsink to dissipate heats faster
  • Energy-Saving: Optimizing energy efficiency standard for lower voltage
  • 100% product compatibility and stability
CAS LatencyCL=11CL=11CL=11
Data Rate1600MHz1866MHz2133MHz
Capacity (1-channel)4/8/16GB4/8/16GB4/8/16GB
Capacity (2-channel)8/16/32GB8/16/32GB8/16/32GB
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