Zeus Dragon DDR4 Gaming RAM
ZEUS Dragon DDR4 Gaming and Overclocking Memory Module with HEATSINK
- Artistic Diamond Cut Gaming DRAM with Heatsink will lighten up your life
- High-Performance gaming RAM with Overclocking, Low CAS latency and Low voltage design for reliability
․Tally with JEDEC DDR4 standard
․Designed for gaming and overclocking enthusiasts and hardcore gamers who    are always asking for better performance and higher data rate 
․Supports Intel XMP 2.0 (Extreme Memory Profile)
․Lead-free production process
․100% product compatibility and stability
CAS LatencyCL=17CL=17CL=17
Data Rates2400MHz2666MHz2800MHz
Capacity (1-channel)4/8/16GB4/8/16GB4/8/16GB
Capacity (2-channel)8/16/32GB8/16/32GB8/16/32GB
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