DDR5 Desktop memory module

4800MHz/ 5200MHz


  • Comply with JEDEC standards

  • Providing up to 50% faster data date than DDR4

  • Two independent channels per DIMM improve memory access efficiency

  • Bulid in PMIC (Power Management IC) provides stable power and better on-DIMM control of power supply

  • On Die ECC reduces the system error correction burden and improves Reliability, Availability and Serviceability

  • Low power consumption

  • RoHS compliance
CAS Latency4042
Voltage (VDD)1.1V1.1V
Capacity 8GB/16GB/32GB8GB/16GB/32GB
Capacity 8GBx2/16GBx2/32GBx28GBx2/16GBx2/32GBx2
Interal Banks3232
Operating temperature0~70 °C0~70 °C
Warranty5 Years5 Years
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